Where to Get Free Legal Advice in Singapore

For legal advice and assistance, you must pass a resource test that assesses your financial situation. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria: Legal aid generally refers to the free or subsidized legal assistance provided for your legal affairs. You can be appointed as a volunteer lawyer to help you at every stage of your case. In addition to legal advice, free legal aid may include drafting legal documents and representation before the courts. 1 Havelock Square #B1-18 State Courts Towers Singapore 059724 Tel: (65) 6536 0650 Email: enquiry@lawsocprobono.org Community Legal Clinics offer free legal advice at various locations in Singapore, subject to qualification criteria. Singapore has a number of pro bono programmes specialising in civil and criminal legal aid, as well as general legal advice. These are administered by government agencies such as the Legal Aid Office and the Supreme Court, municipal legal clinics run by the Law Society of Singapore, as well as various non-profit organizations. Alternatively, you can contact us to find a pro bono lawyer. Low-income families who divorce may be eligible for free legal assistance. Note that an appointment depends on your compliance with the respective eligibility criteria of the legal clinics listed below. For survivors of sexual assault (including sexual harassment), please contact our Sexual Assault Care Centre (helpline: 6779 0282, email: sacc@aware.org.sg). SACC can arrange legal advice to inform you of your legal options and provide general advice on your case.

A civil action is filed either by you or by a company and organization with its own legal personality. Copies of pleadings served, court orders, police reports. After registration, an appointment will be made for you to meet with one of our lawyers at a community legal clinic. Please be prepared for the fact that there may be a waiting list of 2-3 weeks, so when making an appointment, keep in mind other dates. You may also find the LegalHelp (www.legalhelp.com.sg) website useful. It is a platform for members of the Singaporean public who need legal help to ask questions of members of the legal fraternity or other members of the public who share similar experiences for advice. LegalHelp is supported by a network of local lawyers who have volunteered to give of their time and effort to help those in need. If you can`t get an appointment at our community legal clinics, you can contact the other clinics listed here for free legal advice. If you are facing a legal issue in a personal matter (investment, business and professional matters are not covered) and you have never sought legal advice before and/or cannot afford a lawyer, you can call us to make an appointment for free basic legal advice at our community legal clinics. These clinics operate from Monday to Thursday (except holidays and before public holidays). At the legal clinic, you can enjoy individual legal advice for 20 minutes.

Pro bono lawyers provide legal services to those who have limited funds to obtain them. These services include both legal advice and legal aid, which covers the full range of support services, from presentation of documents to representation before the courts. These services may be offered free of charge or for a subsidized fee, subject to successful completion of the admission requirements. The term “pro bono” is derived from the Latin expression “pro bono publico”, which loosely translates to “for the common good”. In the legal context, pro bono work refers to free or subsidized legal services for people with limited resources. This includes working for non-profit organizations that meet the needs of these individuals. In case you do not meet the requirements of free legal aid in Singapore, you can book a free consultation with us to seek advice on your topic. We understand that legal processes can be financially stressful – we work closely with you to find the different options you can choose from and find the best approach for you. AWARE offers free legal advice to women on these issues: family law, domestic violence, Sharia law and other personal issues. Our volunteers are experienced lawyers who can help you understand your legal rights and options through a free, 20-minute, one-stop general consultation. There are some differences between legal advice and legal aid.

Legal advice refers to the information you receive from a pro bono lawyer during a consultation to discuss your case. The lawyer will inform you about how to proceed with a particular case, what options you can get and what alternative legal options are available to you. Free legal advice can be obtained from some legal clinics in Singapore, which can be operated by both government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our team works as pro bono pro bono pro bono lawyers in Singapore`s legal clinics and distributes free legal advice to people who need it but may not have a sufficient budget for standard legal fees. Seeking legal advice can often be far from affordable for many, but representation is still crucial. Our pro bono lawyers work hard to help our clients navigate and make informed decisions in their legal affairs. The times and dates of our legal clinic vary depending on the topic you need advice on. Contact us via the helpline (1800-777-5555) to learn more. Please see the following frequently asked questions for more information about our legal clinic. Do you have any other questions? You can find more information about AARE`s services on this page. When you hire our pro bono lawyer, you can benefit from a range of advice from different areas of law in Singapore. It is important to understand the different legal options available to you in your case.

Everyone has the right to legal counsel, which is why we work hard to provide the legal services that those who need them. Civil litigation is the formal legal process that takes place when the legal challenge relates to a civil matter and when the matter concerns your private rights and responsibilities After the legal clinic, we will share with you internal and external resources that may be relevant to your needs and try to facilitate the additional support needed. AWARE cannot advise you on where to find a lawyer or provide legal aid. We do not have lawyers who can act on your behalf. AARE`s legal services are limited to the clinic, which is a one-time free consultation that lasts 20 minutes. We are not able to share the identity or jobs of our lawyers. For ethical reasons, they are not able to represent you in court. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse appointment requests from candidates who do not meet the criteria for this free legal advice. Write to us or call us via Whatsapp and request your free 30-minute consultation. Our 24-hour hotline is available for your requests at any time. Here are some common legal questions we can help you with: The legal clinic needs lawyers who have practiced or are currently practicing and have experience in family law in Singapore.

Lawyers must be called to the Singapore Bar Association. If you require the services of a lawyer, please contact the Law Society of Singapore. If you require subsidized legal services, contact the Legal Aid Office. Our Know the Law Now brochure has helped thousands of people with common legal issues in the areas of civil, family, criminal, labour, estate planning and transactional matters. Before making an appointment with a lawyer, it may be a good idea to refer to this brochure, which is written in simple terms for the general public. Call our helpline (1800-777-5555) to learn more. All appointments at legal clinics must be scheduled in advance and walk-in visits are not accepted. The helpline is open Monday to Friday from 10 a..m m. to 6 p.m.

.m .m.m. In Singapore, the husband has the legal responsibility and duty to maintain or contribute to the maintenance of his wife or ex-wife (e.g. B reasonable costs of housing, clothing, food and education). Disclaimer: The legal guidelines given during these sessions are for basic guidance and convenience only and are not intended to replace, replace or supplement legal advice and legal actions that may be required in all cases. Pro bono lawyers are legally required to stop acting for participants in these free legal clinics. You can contact us if you need free legal advice or assistance, and we will put you in touch with a pro bono lawyer tailored to your case. The Tembusu approach is based on the belief that we can advocate for and bring about positive social change if we improve the lives of individuals and communities in our legal and judicial system. .